I left teaching when I was 40, and I am now 55. I was confused and scared. My identity as a teacher  was . . . POOF . . . GONE!

Does this make any sense?

BUT, I found my way back!

And not to teaching, but to a new sense of self. (I say this with passion, pride, and conviction).

So I took a leap of faith and created this website for women with multiple sclerosis. Today, I am optimistic, confident, and complete. I am on a misstion to empower other women with MS to do the same.

You will also find the content in the blog directed towards understanding, learning, and growth. The information you find will be meaningful and truthful. In addition, women living with MS will be the central theme of the content you find on this website.

Points of information:

    • Content on this website will explore women's lived experiences with MS..
    • This website is for YOU and about YOU.
    • I am always looking for content ideas. Please send me an email with your suggestions.
    • The calendar of events will be regularly updated.

    Thanks for checking out this website for women who want to be their best selves while living with MS.